Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back to the Blog

Okay, so I haven't blogged in a year. Or more. But tonight I'm sitting at the kitchen counter of my friend Ellen, and she tells me I've gotta blog. Must. Blog.
It's pretty much an order.
And so I obey.
I'm going to write here every day (at least until Ellen tells me I can stop).
No promises about any special coherence of topic. I'm just going to write about whatever I want to.

Those of you who know me in the analog realm may be astonished that I have meekly accepted an order to write every day. It could have something to do with the multiples of high-octane gin-and-tonics Ellen plied me with before issuing her edict. Or it could be her pointing out that when I respond to queries on one of the social media sites I follow, I rarely do so in private messages. I almost always post publicly. "You want people to read what you have to say," Ellen declared. "You need to know this about yourself. It's a good thing."

So whatever happens here, from today onward, blame it on Ellen.
And come back tomorrow, okay?

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